Having a backyard to entertain family and friends can add a lot of fun and relaxation to anyones life. The spring and summer months on Long Island should be spent outdoors taking in the beautiful weather. Having a patio installed can become the focal point of where you entertain. Long Island Patio Company, Longo’s Landscaping & Masonry can design and build a patio to fit any size, style or budget to fit your property. Whether you choose poured concrete patio (State Approved recycled concrete aggregate) or a paving stones we can design it to your liking. We use the highest quality paving stones the industry has to offer. The color and style options are endless. A new patio can add so much to your property. Here are 3 reasons to install a patio.

Here are 3 reasons to install a patio.

1- Design Aesthetic:

A patio doesn’t have to be a square or rectangle we are used to seeing. Long Island patio installers, Longo’s Landscaping and Masonry has design experts that can contour the shape of a patio to bring out certain elements of your home. With the additions to seating walls, fire pits and even bbq’s, your patio can become an outdoor living space.

2- Property Value:

Having a patio can also be an added asset and can raise property value. According to several real estate investors and analysts having outdoor living spaces can sometimes raise property value. So if you looking to sell your home in a few years having a patio installed can be and investment for the future.

3- Entertain Your Guests:

During the spring and summer months we all wants to be outdoors. Sitting outside with your friends and family provides rest, relaxation while taking in some Vitamin D. Having a place to put your outdoor furniture & barbecue is essential. Your patio provides all of these multifunctional uses.

We hope you enjoyed reading 3 reasons to install a patio. If you are interested in having a patio installed please contact us. You can also see our work by clicking patios on our web design.

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