Long Island Stone And Brick Veneers

At Long Island Stone & Brick Veneer company/ installers our masonry services also include Stone and Brick veneers. Our wide variety of stone includes brick, natural stone, and cultured stone. A textured stone pattern can be designed in such an exquisite manner that it soothes your eyes. A clever and apt pattern of stone veneer leaves a long lasting impression. It is easier and takes less time to install when compared to authentic stone. At Longo’s Landscaping, we strive to offer lasting elegance and sophisticated beauty on your walls. If you are yet to explore and discover the beauty that our services can provide, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Not only does a stone or brick veneer look good on a home but it outlast any method of siding.

Our stones and bricks come in all desirable patterns, colors and styles. Going for a stone and brick veneer is a good choice because it offers consistency in colors and is cost effective too. The materials are easy to get and even easier to install. With your choice and our services, the outcome will be nothing less than mighty impressive. Our brick veneer can be designed to suit any place and style. What matters is the overall visual look and feel; we got it covered. You can go over different styles and patterns. Above everything else, your choice matters the most to us. Longos service Suffolk County & Nassau County, New York.

Call our Long Island Stone & Brick Veneer Contractors today at 631-862-8605. Why do customers choose Longo’s over other local Stone & Brick Veneer Companies on Long Island? Service & Satisfaction!