Sod / Seed

Longo's Landscaping & Masonry is a true believer of a brand new sod lawn. With a sod lawn your house can literally transform from dirt to a green lush lawn in just one day. For many home owners the backbreaking effort of fertilizing watering and watching weeks pass buy to see a seeded lawn appear is not really worth the aggravation. A new sod lawn plus, is that you can lay sod during those times of the year when seeds won't grow.

At Longo’s Landscaping & Masonry when we look to install a new sod lawn, we look for certain soil types, some types of soil may not drain as good as others, so then maybe extra grading of property may need to be taken into precaution to prevent water from sitting to long. Once your sod lawn is established within the first couple of weeks, all you have to do next is sit back and relax.

Seeding is another alternative of achieving a lawn. There are multiple variations of seeds for different soil types, to much sun or too much shade should all be looked at when prepping to install a seeded lawn. The best time to plant a seeded area is spring or fall time. A seeded lawn yes, might take longer to grow then a sod lawn, but you most likely will save a few bucks.