3 Reasons To 3 Add Trees, Plants And Flowers To Your Yard

Adding new features to your backyard can enhance the property tremendously. Throughout the spring, summer and fall months homeowners love to spend as much time outdoors as possible. There are several ways you can magnify the look of your yard to give it more appeal. As a Long Island Landscaping Company, Longo’s can design, maintain and build the backyard of your dreams. With the latest software technology Longos Landscaping & Masonry can show you a 3d rendering of what your backyard can look like prior to even starting your project. From masonry to landscape design our team is a full service outdoor construction company. As far as trees, flowers and plantings, here are 3 ways they can help amplify your backyard.

3 Reasons To 3 Add Trees, Plants And Flowers To Your Yard

1- Adds beauty to a backyard:

Adding trees or plants to you backyard gives a visual experience once you enter the yard. The smell that plants and flowers give off really makes you appreciate spring and summers on Long Island. Longo’s Landscaping & Masonry works with several nurseries on Long Island. Pick your style, colors and types of plants, trees and flowers and our installation team can plant them in your desired location.

2- Privacy:

Another great element of adding trees and plants is to give some privacy in your yard. Each property has a different elevation, some can be more visible that others. Adding the right trees and plants can provide tremendous privacy for you and your family. Trees and plants can also provide shade to certain areas of your yard for the times you want to avoid the sun.

3- Adds Value To Your Home:

Like a lot outdoor additions, plants, trees and flowers can add value to you home. Having a curb appeal is one less thing a new homeowner has to do once they move in. Plants, flowers and trees can get expensive so if you property is already furnished with them you are ahead of the game.

We hope you enjoyed reading 3 reasons to add trees, plants & flowers. Please feel free to contact us anytime for an estimate, please visit our web design and click on plantings for more information.

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